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Laminated or toughened safety glass

Safety glass for the home.

The use of safety glass in and around doors makes sense. Safety glass around the home is usually either laminated or toughened safety glass. Laminated safety glass is normally two pieces of ordinary annealed glass bonded together with an interlayer so if the glass is impacted, it may crack but the interlayer should hold the pieces together. Toughened safety glass is much stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness and is made by using a special heating and cooling process. When this glass is broken, it will shatter in to small pieces thereby reducing major injury.

We see through glass rather than look at it, so we sometimes forget that it can be very dangerous to have around the home, especially for people with active children and pets.

Glass in doors and next to doors is more vulnerable to human impact because these areas are highly trafficable. We also become complacent around glass and will push on the glass with a hand or foot instead of using a door handle. There are often times when glass is mistaken for a doorway especially for someone not familiar with your home.

Not all homes are fitted with laminated or toughened safety glass and even today, we are still seeing severe injuries. This is especially common in older homes which were constructed before stricter safety standards were introduced.

If you wish to update your windows to safety glass, just give A-View Glass a call on 1800 803 101.  A-View Glass is accredited and works to the AS1288-2006 Australian Safety Standards.

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